“We must find time to stop and thank the people that make a difference in our lives”

John F. Kennedy

Known as Thanksgiving, this celebration began in the United States when the Mayflower, a boat full of Englishmen, anchored in Plymouth Rock (nowadays Massachussets). Since they didn’t know the land, many of them died of starvation. The Indians from the Wampanoag tribe shared their knowledge with the pilgrims and taught them how to harvest corn, to fish, among other activities.

In 1961, the Pilgrims prepared a special dinner with what they had harvested and invited the Wampanoag Indians to join them. This dinner was an act of gratitude for all their help.

After the civil war, Abraham Lincoln suggested that every family should gather with their loved ones on the last Thursday of November to show gratitude and good wishes. But it was until 1941 that this day became official.

One of the main features of Thanksgiving is the food. There’s a great variety of dishes, but the main course includes turkey with cranberry sauce or gravy, baked ham and of course desserts! Cornbread and pumpkin pie are a must in the table.

Everyone in Grupo La Florida wishes that you enjoy this celebration. Don´t forget to use our products to prepare your delicious courses and desserts.

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