Privacy Policy Page

Aviso de Privacidad en Español

Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico on this day August 23rd, 2018.

Pursuant to provisions of the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection in Possession of Private Entities (hereinafter the “Law”) this is to inform you that GRUPO LA FLORIDA MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (hereinafter “LA FLORIDA”) having its main place of business at Calzada Vallejo No. 1100, colonia Prado Vallejo, Tlatnepantla State of Mexico, C.P. 54170 hereby warns all clients and suppliers (hereinafter the “Users”) of its personal and sensitive data protection policy (hereinafter the “Personal Data”), as follows:

1. LA FLORIDA gathers personal information through any means currently known or to be known in the future, such as your name, telephone number, address, TIN (RFC), main place of business, e-mail, goods and products you may require from us, including your credit and business history and references with the following purposes:

(a) identification;
(b) to bill the goods and services provided by LA FLORIDA;
(c) statistical purposes;
(d) to eventually contact you via e-mail for advertising purposes and to inform you of offers, promotions, advertising materials, industry novelties, strategical business information, events, and of marketing information in general through electronic means;
(e) for safety purposes; and
(f) to comply with the obligations and exercise the rights resulting from your business relationship with LA FLORIDA.

2. All Personal Data shall be included in the personal data owned by LA FLORIDA and of which it is entirely responsible. For such purposes, LA FLORIDA shall provide all Users with this Privacy Notice in order to treat such Personal Data accordingly. Since this Privacy Notice is made available to Users before they disclose their Personal Information and in compliance with the Law, such User shall expressly state his/her consent to disclose such personal data to be kept by LA FLORIDA throughout the contractual and business relationship LA FLORIDA has with the relevant User.

3. User hereby assures that all Personal Data disclosed to LA FLORIDA shall be true and agrees to inform LA FLORIDA of any modification using any of the following means:

a) via e-mail, or
b) in writing.

4. LA FLORIDA has adopted Personal Data safety protection levels as required by the law and has installed all technical means and measures available to avoid any loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of Personal Data so disclosed. In the unlikely event of any loss, unauthorized access and theft of Personal Data, LA FLORIDA agrees to immediately inform the holder of such personal data, more specifically within 24 hours from the moment LA FLORIDA becomes aware of such event.

5. Users shall have and may exercise access, cancelation, rectification, denial and claim and complaint rights through written notice delivered at the above-mentioned address or via e-mail to the above-mentioned e-mail address Any request for exercise of such rights shall include and be attached with the following:

I. Name and address of holder or any other means to inform such holder of LA FLORIDA’S answer;

II. Documents evidencing the identity or legal representation of the holder, if any;

III. A clear and accurate description of the personal data with respect of which such holder desires to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights; and

IV. Any other element or document that may facilitate the identification of personal data.

6. LA FLORIDA observes all principles set forth by the law when gathering personal data, such as: legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, availability and accountability.

7. LA FLORIDA reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to changes in the law or case law, and to the industry practices. Any modification shall be disclosed as follows: a) through publication in our website; or b) via e-mail sent to the account provided by User. La FLORIDA assumes no liability whatsoever in the event User does not receive the notice of modification of privacy notice, if such failure results from issues with such User’s e-mail account.